Using negativity to your advantage.
How Kon used negativity to become a calisthenics beast

Name: Mohamed aka Kon
Age: 26
Location: Everywhere!
Work: Flight cabin crew

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This is story of Mokammed aka Kon

Mohammed, nicknamed Kon, is a flight cabin crew member from Egypt. When he’s not taking care of his elderly parents, he’s traveling the world on one of the most challenging work schedules you’ll encounter. It’s completely unpredictable, changing from one month to the next!

Kon’s story is one of personal challenge and tremendous growth. “I started out as an obese kid with bad habits in regards to food or activity whatsoever.”

At a young age, he knew that he wasn’t happy with his body. He began extreme dieting,  walking and moving more, and successfully lost a lot of weight.

As he learned more about fitness and health, he adapted his program. He chose to focus on bodyweight training as an affordable alternative to a gym membership. In the beginning, he trained anywhere he could. “[I] didn’t have a bar and was using a tree instead.”

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“We never stop learning. We never stop growing. Time passes anyway so let it pass while you do something you love and enjoy the benefits sooner than if you would keep pushing your dreams till tomorrow comes.”

Without consistency, you can’t succeed

At first, his training didn’t yield results. He just wasn’t working out regularly enough. So he decided to join a gym after all.

“It was the go-to place for building a good physique, wasn’t it.”

Wanting to incorporate bodyweight exercises into his gym routine, he discovered calisthenics.

“I fell in love with it and watching all these skills being performed and the freedom these people had controlling their bodies was amazing.”

Kon was fascinated by his body’s newfound capabilities. The functional strength that calisthenics brought him was so impressive, he decided to stop going to the gym for a while to focus exclusively on training in calisthenics.

“I remember starting out I couldn’t even do 1 dip without falling.

How discovering Calisthenics Academy and refocused his workouts

The entire time that Kon tried to create his own program, he struggled with consistency. In fact, even after quitting the gym, the results he’d hoped to get weren’t happening. So he kept moving back and forth between traditional fitness and calisthenics, never really experiencing the benefits of either.

When he discovered Calisthenics Academy, Kon finally managed to find focus and structure where there was none before.

It’s helped him get and stay motivated about his workouts.

“The discipline acquired from following such a journey is amazing and has benefited me in many aspects in my life.I have improved both physically and mentally and enjoy the freedom of movement my body has to offer and believe that much more is coming!”

“My results are good but i will never be satisfied until i achieve mastery of skills. It is a long process and requires a lot of patience and hard work. I will get there no matter how long it takes.”

He believes that everyone should experience the beauty of bodyweight training and calisthenics.

“Calisthenics it’s a life-changing activity and as I enjoy the benefits, I would like others to see the beauty in it too.”

His transition wasn’t easy…

He struggled with consistency and the real challenge of calisthenics. But he knew that the struggle was only his first level of resistance. And so he persevered.

Like anything new in our life, our bodies will resist change.”

“So if it’s something you have not been doing before and decided to do it, you will not adapt overnight. However that seems to be the case for the majority of us. We weren’t born into the gym room. So we all have to start somewhere.”

However, his biggest challenge wasn’t consistency or adapting…

“The hardest part in my journey was the negative comments I got from those around me.”
For a long time, he compared his body, his looks, and his fitness to others around him. This caused dissatisfaction, self-criticism and demoralization. He internalized many negative comments.

“It got to me and made me lose heart many times.”

Physical strength become mental

But the stronger he grew, the more he was able to ignore those cruel voices. Instead, his physical strength also became a mental one.

“[I] decided that the only person I need to beat is me. As long as I am better, stronger, fitter than me in the past then I am on the right path.”

More than that, he now uses negative comments to motivate himself; they no longer get to him.

“This journey is done by you, for you so if there are any comments by others regarding mistakes you are doing then learn from them. But if their sole purpose is to bring you down then completely neglect them and continue forward.”

He doesn’t let his busy schedule make him lose focus

His work schedule makes any kind of commitment hard to maintain. “If you really want something then you need to be extremely flexible and manage your time wisely. Set your priorities and that is exactly what I did.”

As a flight cabin crew member, his schedule changes completely from one month to another.

“I have one of the most random life schedules there is with no fixed working days or days off. Flights early in the morning – mid day – or late at night. Staying in the aircraft for 12 hours plus.

Yet I still find time. Why? because it’s a priority to me.”


Calisthenics Academy makes it so easy to pick up a workout I have no excuses!

I like how in Calisthenics Academy everything is broken down and explained in details with no guesswork necessary, the workout rating system which allows to adjust the exercises as you go and lastly, the freedom to workout offline and input the results any other time making it ideal for everyday use.

Even when pressed for time, Kon knows that regular mini-workouts will be just as, if not more valuable than the longer timeframes he can find to train.

“I seize any opportunity I have and I believe that even little effort if I am completely squeezed in for time is better than no effort….any effort you do still counts.

If you are really struggling with time then a little effort everyday will do the job. It’s not just about how much time in a day you have for working out.

More importantly its how many days how many weeks how many years can you be consistent with that effort.

The more effort you give the quicker you get results. If it’s tough in the beginning, learn that your body will adapt.”

Kon’s advice to anyone who’s not sure that calisthenics is good for them

“”You need to ask yourself, why am i doing this in the first place. Not what you want from it but WHY?

After answering this you should work on developing training from an interest into a passion. Once you get to that stage it naturally becomes a part of your new life where if you go without it for a long period you start feeling that something is missing.””

“We never stop learning. We never stop growing. Time passes anyway so let it pass while you do something you love and enjoy the benefits sooner than if you would keep pushing your dreams till tomorrow comes.”

Kon and a friend run a Youtube Channel focused on Motivational/Personal Development, designed to help those in need of guidance or assistance in their path to work towards a goal or a dream. Click here to find out more.