I’am Antonio Alvarado-Angmen and this is my story.

i have always wanted to workout, i was never attracted to gyms, but i have gone to them for 3-4 months everytime, and got bored, and lost the motivation. Almost every year since 5 years ago i have tried to go to the gym, it was also the time since i had started to have a job, and started to gain weight and waist. But i have always thought the reason i wanted to go to the gym was to get fit, but then i had a inspiration moment, i was looking for home workouts (also with the same aim of getting fit) and started and did some like the bodyweight100, 200, etc, but again i felt lack of inspiration, and quit, and again gain weight, and had a lazy life. So still looking online for workouts that would “work” (using that as an excuse for not continuing workingout) for me, i found the workout (i have attached it to this email ULTIMATE FULL BODY WORKOUT level:intermediate) image on the internet, so i clicked on it, went to the website and started working out with this, but then i started reading more and more, i subscribed to the website, and i started realizing the aim i was having was not the one i wanted, but i was reading about the body control, and i remembered, since i was a kid i used to walk with my hands do flags, and flips, my father has thought me this. And I started to get more interested, and read more about what the website newsletter sends, so I saw the book.

The real thing is i have always tried to workout but always have lost my focus and motivation, to see no enjoyable progress, but when i started this book, i soon saw how tough it was to control my own body, and started after one week how i could do more push ups, and more pull ups, and as a fun way i started trying the handstand pushups, and flags, and saw it was difficult but even my body hasn’t change much i have had a great control of my motions.


Some tangible results in 4 months, since i started, is that I have lost more than 5 kilos, but strangely i look thiner, i dont have belly anymore. I feel stronger my arms are more defined, and my skin is softer (i dont know if it is because of this or not).

I have lost several inches in waistline, my shoulders are broader, and i feel so much energy now, It is a matter of really making the habit, but thanks to the book, it is not only a manual of exercises, it is a complete guide to start improving your health and life with the vehicle of calisthenics. Combining what i learn in the book and what i see in the website, it is a great way for me to improve my life. if you want it bad, you can have it.


I was expecting that this book will be just an exercises book, but for my surprise it went beyond my expectations, it includes, from the mindset, to tips on dieting, to how to progress, with suggestions, that it can be incorporate according to our level of conditioning. I have always wanted something that gives me the magic pill for the change, but with the advices, and lessons learned day by day using this guide, i know that this must be incorporate to your lifestyle, and it looked like a blink of an eye, 4 months have passed and the results in my lifestyle are improved with my friends, not just my physique, but my expressions, my energy.


The focus on the mindset, because i have tried many things, but i just wanted the easy fast way, and i have come to realize that it has to be changed from the root, incorporate to my lifestyle. Also that with Calisthenics, i have a control of my body, which makes my mind focus on this time and place moment, and helps in a way like meditation in motion.

Mostly what i have enjoyed more of this program is that it feels like meditation in motion, is a way to be in this time and place controling every aspect and muscle of my body, every aspect. I feel more energy, my dieting has changed, i suddenly don’t enjoy so much the garbage food.


I highly recommend the book

Why? because around me (in my city) people are obese, and not because the food or the lack of exercise, but because they feel they can’t and therefore they go into bad habits of bad food and no exercise, but with this book, it is told that the progress is everyday, and results will come, just enjoy the process, incorporating the lifestyle to ours.

I recommend this book because is a step by step complete guide on improving LIFE habits. Because the support behind the book, and the links recommended are of great help.

But all the more I recommend this new lifestyle, because it has improved my life, my body, and mind. I enjoy everyday to try new things.

Thank you so much, I am so grateful, and would like to know more about the program, or how can i bring this to my city (Tampico, Mexico).