Build insane strength, mad skills and gymnast-like body with progressive Calisthenics.

The most effective bodyweight strength training on Earth


Ready to discover what your body is truly capable of?


How Strong You Really Are?

For years I used to do weight training. I felt strong and I looked big. One day I was challenged by one of my friends to do a back lever, and miserably I couldn’t even get myself in the right position. Then, he challenged me to do a Pistol Squat… Embarrassed, I couldn’t go down much… Really? I did not have the strength for that? Me? A strong, fitness freak? Even though I trained for years I lacked simple flexibility, mobility and balance. My big muscles locked my movements and I become a prisoner of them. Few years later I joined CrossFit and just months into training I ended with a nasty shoulder injury. I pushed too hard. I still love Crossfit but I needed to find a way to train with my injury while still gaining strength. Plus I was sick of being dependent on having a box or a gym to go to. I needed a change. That was the time when I truly discovered calisthenics – a lost art of the most effective, natural strength training on earth which is just using bodyweight.

The Un-ending Power of Progressive Calisthenics.

The most effective, natural strength training on Earth

Calisthenics is the art of increasing resistance with only your bodyweight to develop insane strength. Using progressive resistance, similar to weight training, you add difficulty levels across a full range of motion, skill, position, etc And because calisthenics uses only natural movements, it not only protects and strengthens your joints, but also conditions your body into amazing shape. It builds incredible strength, balance, flexibility, and natural and extreme body control ability Well-structured progressive calisthenics can give you insane strength gains, muscle growth, and fat loss while still protecting your joints and conditioning your body—naturally


Build Strength For Life...


Develop a Gymnast-like Physique


Gain Muscles and Lose Fat ... Simultaneously


Strengthen Your Joints, Naturally ...


Become More Flexible, Mobile&Healthy


Train Anytime ... in Any place

I absolutely fell in love. My injury healed, I felt stronger than ever before, I lost all unwanted fat I build a physique of a gymnast I always wanted. And you know what? It was actually so much fun to get out there every day, try new skills, train towards advanced moves not only towards another inch on my bicep. I loved how I become flexible, mobile, how I started developing my balance and all the things I would never even think about with my normal weight training. And I loved how my joints were getting stronger while I was growing older.

But it wasn’t always that way…

Confusion & Years of Experimentation

Although I was making progress it took me years to get to the point where stunts like human flag, planche, one arm pushup or pullups were not impossible anymore.


I was making mistakes;

I didn’t know how should I work out

I was getting stuck and had no idea why

I didn’t have enough knowledge;

There was nobody to guide me;

I had no idea how and what to train

My progress was so slow, I was getting demotivated

I was missing a system to follow and get better every day


So I experimented… for years and it was PAINFUL…

And even with programs like Convict Conditioning coming out, it was hard. CC have a very limited number of progressions and do not pay attention to skill work, balance, flexibility and mobility which makes it impossible to progress if you are a beginner (I’ve been there).   I saw on my own skin how

well structured progressive calisthenics can give you insane strength

muscle gains and fat loss while still protecting your joints and conditioning your body. All naturally. I didn’t need a gym. I Didn’t need a barbell. I don’t need a box. There was just ,me, my body and a bar…

Progressive Calisthenics is straightforward in its principles…yet…

Yet every day I get emails from all of you asking me how to get started. For years I have been teaching and perfecting the art of bodyweight strength training and although there is so much information out there its extremely confusing and unhelpful for somebody who has no previous experience with bodyweight strength training.


That’s why I have created this guide…

So you don’t need to spend years figuring it out… Instead, Just Follow the Proven System For Superhuman Strenght…



Getting Started With Calisthenics 

How to Become Insanely Strong, Look like a Gymnast, and Develop All Round Fitness Using Only Your Bodyweight

Step-By-Step, Proven System for Insane Strength, Mobility and Health

Based on a proven system to progress and improve on a daily basis


Finally, Realistic Step by Step Progression

Unlike any other, our progressions incorporate not only comprehensive number of steps but also take care of mobility, flexibility and skill

Mastery System

Know exactly how and when to progress to the next level safely. No more confusion. Tested and Simple.

Personalised Approach

With this system you assess exactly where you are on progressions and create a personalised program to fit your needs.

Train like a PRO

Train like a PRO with the same system that has transformed thousands of calisthenics enthusiasts.

Injury Prevention

Progressive Calisthenics uniquely train the connective tissue and joints to prevent injury. Many athletes use it also to get back into training safely

Lose Body Fat, Naturally

Training with your own bodyweight gets your body to naturally drop fat while gaining muscles and building strength at the same time

Balance and Control

Train your core for posture, function, performance or to develop a gymnast-like six pack. Many of our exercise progressions work the core in unique ways.

Physique Transformation

Transform your body into a lean, gymnast-like physique and impress your friends.
This system is one of those that comes along once in a generation and is a Game Changer
Ian Mackintosh

Insane Strength?

There is a Road to That.

From Complete Novice to Calisthenics Master. Step-by-Step.


The 8 Fundamental Moves to Master

Being able to perform moves like the human flag and planches requires more than simply phenomenal strength, it also requires flexibility, mobility, balance and skill. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, you’re going to struggle with these moves if you lack the other necessary skills (and quite a bit of practice!) … But if you do it the right way you can achieve strength and skill unlike any other. That’s why you MUST start with the fundamental movements. Until you’re hitting them consistently you should not progress to any other advanced moves. Master the fundamentals and they’ll open up any move you want to learn in your advanced calisthenics career

Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat will absolutely challenge your lower body strength and mobility. Paired with hamstring mobility exercises this progression will help you prevent lower body injury and make the most out of your leg power.

See All The Progressions Included:
Shoulderstand Squat Assisted Squat Half Squat Full squat Close squat Bulgarian split squats Begginer Shrimp Squat Box Squat Single Leg Box Squat Box Squat Leg Hanging Uneven Squat 1/2 one legged squat Assisted one legged squat/ Balance assisted one legged squats Weighted one leg squat PISTOL Renegade pistols Intermediate shrimps Superman squat. Advanced shrimps. More advanced Shrimp The Elevated Shrimp

One Arm Hanging Leg Raises

These are the best way to develop an all-round powerful waist. Hanging develops the grip, shoulders and lats, and forces the serratus muscles around the ribcage to work strongly.

One Arm Pull Up

Nothing builds a massive upper back and lats like pullups do. It’s a prerequisite for all advanced moves.

See All The Progressions Included:
Vertical Pulls Horizontal Pulls with legs bent Horizontal Pulls Dead hang 1 min Chin over the bar hold Negative Chin up Negative Chin up 25 Jackknife pullup/ box assisted Assisted Pullup (leg or bands Bent Arm (90 degree) hold Negative pullup Half Pullup Pull Up Close grip Pullup Wide grip Pullup Uneven pullup Assisted 1 arm Pullup Assisted 1 arm Pullup Negative 1/2 One Arm pullup One-Arm Pullup


Every single movement in calisthenics will require your spine to be extremely strong. The stronger your spinal muscles, the better you will be at practically any athletic motion. Bridges will make sure that the core is iron strong.

See All The Progressions Included:
Short Bridges Straight Bridges Angeled Bridges Head Bridges Half Bridges Full Bridges Wall Walking down Wall walking up Closing bridge Stand to stand bridge

Handstand Push Up

Handstands will explode your shoulder strength and size and prepare your upper body for virtually anything

See All The Progressions Included:
Wrist Stretches First Knuckle Walk Wrist Rock Walk Fingertip Walk Static Seated Shoulder Flexion and Static Shoulder Extensions and supine Floor Handstand Flexion Incline pike pushup Incline Pike Diamond Pushup Pike Pushup Pike Pushup Diamond Decline pike pushups Decline pike diamond pushup Decline Pike Pushup Shoulder Taps Wall assisted Head Stand Free Head Stand Forearm Headstand Wall Assisted Hand Stand 30 sec Handstand Hold Against the Wall Handstand Hold Against the Wall + Shrugs Handstand Shuffle- balance from left to right shuffle Forearm supported handstand Handstand stomach to the wall straddle hold Handstand with stomach to the wall straddle + shoulder taps Switch, back to the wall shoulder taps Half Handstand pushup Handstand Pushup Wall Handstand Diamond Pushup Uneven Handstand Lever Handstand One arm 1/2 Handstand Pushup One Arm Handstand Pushup

One Arm Push Up

The easiest pushing movement that activates nearly every muscle in your body, strengthens joints, and trains connective tissue. In addition, it builds up strong and a healthy upper body.

See All The Progressions Included:
Wall Pushup Incline Pushup Kneeling Pushup Half Way Pushup Normal Pushup Elbows in Pushup Diamond Pushup Wide Grip Decline Pushups Decline diamond pushup Uneven Pushups Uneven lever pushup Wall one arm Incline one-arm Straddle One Arm Push-Ups Half One Arm Pushup One Arm Pushup Decline one arm pushup

Horizontal Row

Although a fairly advanced move, you should start conditioning your body for it early. It promotes full body control, builds an iron core, and develops a hollow body which is essential for advanced elements.

Plank To Planche

Planks strengthen the body line and they are a great base for lever work including elbow lever and eventually planches

8 Moves?

These 8 moves have been hand picked to build all round physique and strength so you can safely progress further.

Full Body Training

These movements are designed to target every single part of your body and develop an all-around, balanced physique of a gymnast. They will make sure you are ready for anything all over your body

Balance, Mobility & Flexibility Built in.

These fundamentals make sure that along with strength, you are developing balance, mobility, flexibility, and body control. You will need them to be able to perform more advanced moves and to avoid injury.

Pushing and Pulling

Fundamental movements condition your muscles and nervous system to be able to perform pulling and pushing moves effortlessly. This lays the necessary foundation for more advanced moves

Finally, realistic, step-by-step progressions.

The book pays full attention to realistic progress, step by step from the very beginner to advanced, unlike any other book out there. The guidance from the book enabled me to get started and taught me underlying principles needed to succeed. I am six months in, my strength has improved incredibly and I just cancelled my gym membership. Love Calisthenics and Thanks Jeff!

Jeff Freader

Effective and Safe Progressions

Including All The Important Elements: Skill Work, Mobility, Flexibility and Balance

Stop guessing. We’ll tell you EXACTLY what to do so you can focus on your progress.



Follow the personalised, step-by-step system for insane strength


Identifying how strong you currently are …

The book will guide you to identify exactly where you are on each of the progressions and where you need to be to get started depending on your own PERSONAL situation, history, and level of strength.


Create a solid action plan based on your goals

After you know how you stack up, we’ll scientifically help you establish the exact number of sets, reps and rounds of each exercise you should be doing. Everything is personalized for you.

STEP 3. Personalised Workout Routine

Putting It all Together

The system in the book is very flexible and can be adjusted to any level and goal. You will never find ready-made routines working better than a personal approach. That’s why we teach you the principles. Based on progressions you will create a personalised workout just for you including everything from warm-ups, skills work, strength work, conditioning, as well as stretching and cool down.

STEP 4. Track Your progress for success

Know where you are and where you are going with the included progression poster

You know the saying: You can’t manage what you don’t measure … The Progression poster is your road map to success. See exactly where you are and where you are going visually.

STEP 5. Follow the Mastery System

Know when and how to progress

Each step in the progressions has a mastery level you need to achieve to be able to move forward to the next level. Like a game, until you hit that point you can’t level yourself up. This takes away confusion and guides you so you know exactly when and how to progress.

STEP 6. Troubleshoot plateaus

Trouble shoot your progressions and never plateau again

There will be a time in your training that you will get stuck. It might be a mobility issue, or strength, or that you are not flexible enough. Whatever it may be this book teaches you exactly how to address it by deconstructing progressions so even when you do get stuck you can get back on track straight away

STEP 7. Access Support from Real Athletes

Progress faster with help of experienced trainers and a community

Join a community of athletes on the same journey as you. Ask questions, share your progress and celebrate successes. From time to time we also invite experienced trainers to answer your questions


Be stronger, leaner and healthier, ALL naturally


It’s a TOOL you will use for LIFE


Join thousands of people who are losing fat, building muscle, gaining strength and getting healthier with calisthenics

The System You Will Get Transformed over 3000+ Lives and counting…

Ian Success Story

I’m an advanced neuromuscular therapist and I can vouch that this routine is safe, effective, all around beneficial, and a steady path to gains. Also lately people have been asking how I’ve gotten so ripped so I just tell them.
Ian Clark

I am a neuromuscular massage therapist. And once I learned about soft tissue damage and healing, repetitive stress injuries, the foundations of muscle science, etc., I really started to get serious about fully balanced workouts that supplement pre-existing muscular imbalances and focus on form and control. But I had trouble designing them myself and being sure about what was safest and most efficient for my body. And this is when I picked up a Calisthenics Fundamentals Course. The program perfectly matched my criteria. I believe strength is a lifetime pursuit, not a few week fad. The guide to progressions met my biggest concern; getting from here to there. Since then my results have been very steady. My reps are going up, rest times are decreasing, and skill work is becoming second nature. I’ve also been packing on lean muscle as you can see in the picture. 

Antonio Success Story

This program will not only transform your body and physique but it will skyrocket your energy and help to train your mind.
Antonio Alvarado-Angmen

Since I started on a program my results have been amazing. I have lost several inches in waistline, my shoulders are broader, and I feel so much more energy now. It’s not easy, but the program is a complete guide on how to get started on improving your health and life with the vehicle of calisthenics. I was expecting the program to be just an exercises book, but it went beyond my expectations teaching everything from the mindset, to how to progress, with suggestions how it all can be incorporated according to my own fitness levels and goals. 4 months have passed and the results in my lifestyle are incredible, not just my physique, but my energy and my attitude towards fitness.

Anand Success Story

Amazing, clearly defined terms.. Easy to understand, great progression chart as well as videos..The program answers all the questions you might ever have about calisthenics training.

I started calisthenics after I got inspired from various athletes practicing a lot of skills like front lever, HSPU’s etc, and I was like whoaa!! I looked through all the available training programs and picked this program as the best one. It has been 7 months since then and my results have been awesome! When a person starts with calisthenics… He/she faces a lot of problems related to progressions. There is a lot of questions: what to do, how to do things; how much to do?; When to progress?; And what frequency of practice must be included? The program answers all those questions and more so you can focus on moving forward every day. 

What Others Are Saying:

Extremely Helpful and Inspirational! I loved detailed, clear progressions which I could easily follow. I keep the ebook on my phone and refer to it daily to keep me motivated! Love it!
Quinn Johnes

Straightforward and no BS approach! I loved the straightforward simplicity and no BS approach in the book. I did take the action as it filled the gaps as to how to reach my end goals. This is a great book for anyone interested in training and body transformation. Get out of the gym! This is a real functional training.
Ian Mackintosh

All beginners need to start the journey with this ebook. Get Started with Calisthenics is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE BOOK about CALISTHENICS and street workout out there. ITS THE HOLY GRAIL for beginners.
Cristhian Gaete Cartagena

But That's Not all!

Access The Tools, Motivation and Support to GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS

HD Exercise Videos For The Hardest Movements

Sometimes the first step is simply knowing HOW to go about doing a specific movement or exercise. But even more importantly, especially in calisthenics, is being able to perform exercises with the right form, which is critical. There is a number of exercises which needs showing and explaining – we understand that. That’s why, though, videos are quick and to the point; they will make sure that you will be safe and making the most of out of your own bodyweight.

Workout Routines To Fit Your Goals and Lifestyle

No matter your goal, with the calisthenics system in this book you are able to create personalised workouts fitting exactly your goal and lifestyle needs. To make it even easier, we give you examples of different workout routines so you can simply pick and choose

Calisthenics Strength Routine


The Minimalist Routines


Fat Burner Routine


It's Time to Get Ripped Routine

And Finally…

The Progression Poster

Easily see where you are and where you are going, design your own workout and track your progress to keep motivated – all on one page!

Designing a workout which fits your needs is just as important as keeping motivated to consistently workout to reach your goals. This poster helps you achieve both. We all know consistency is king and this is especially true with calisthenics. This incredible resource was designed to not only solve this problem but to take your fitness to the next level by giving you a visual guidance on where you are in your calisthenics journey.

Breakdown of your workout in one place

The Poster includes detailed breakdown for your workout routine: warm up, skill work, strength work & conditioning, stretching and cool down.

Track your progress and keep on pushing

Each exercise for which you achieve mastery can be marked as done, right on the poster. This is a very tangible, visual way to see the progress and keep your brain motivated.

Sets & reps according to your goal

Right on the poster there is a guideline on a number of sets and reps for a specific goal. Doing so makes it easy to design a workout perfectly fitting your needs.

Join thousands of people using the progression poster everyday

This and the book will put you right on track to build great strength, lose fat and build muscle with progressive calisthenics.

The progression chart is the KILLER!

I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner other than the fact that I’ve never focused completely on Calisthenics. Your book and the chart gave me the knowledge I needed to succeed with bodyweight. The progression chart with pictures and descriptions of a plethora of bodyweight exercises in order of progressions enabled me to create my own workouts based on my own abilities.

Rob Klein

So What’s in The Book?

Get a SNEKA PEAK into what you will be learning

Click on the Image to Expand.


The book is absolutely packed with everything you need to know to get started!

When you purchase How to Get Started With Calisthenics: The Definitive Guide, you receive a collection of resources designed to help you transform your life, forever. Try it for yourself.

Here is what you get when you join today:


A proven Blueprint for Developing Calisthenics Strength and Skill To Guarantee Your Success


Downloadable PROGRESSION POSTER To Visually Guide Your Through Fundamental Moves


Detailed instructions on HOW and WHEN to progress


5 different workout routines for whatever is your goal and lifestyle (strength, fat loss, endurance, skills etc)




Workout schedule, including detailed guidance on warm up, skills work, strength work and conditioning


10 Chapters filled with 10 years of calisthenic knowledge and experience


10 detailed exercise progressions with over 20 steps each


Mental principles, philosophy and attitude to set you up for success


Video Library For The Hardest Moves


Private FB Group and Access To Series Community of Athletes


..and everything you need in one place to get your started regardless your previous experience and fitness level.

Frequently Asked Questions

I got injured some time ago, can I still train?
If you got injured, this is perfect to get you back on track. Calisthenics it’s very gentle and you can start from very easy progressions like wall pulls and build your way up. It conditions the nervous system not only strengthening your muscles, but everything around them like joints, ligaments, etc. If you need any specific recommendations simply contact us.
How is this book different from Convict Conditioning?
The book follows the principles outlined in Convict Conditioning (my bible when I was getting started) – but it expands on them. CC has a very limited number of progressions and does not pay attention to skill work, balance, flexibility and mobility, which makes it nearly impossible to progress if you are a beginner (I have been there). We take all we have learned in progressive calisthenics and give you a comprehensive guide which fills those gaps. Additionally, I didn’t want to give you just a random training program I wanted to teach you how to THINK ABOUT CALISTHENICS, so you can understand the principles and implement them into your life. This is the only way you can change your lifestyle in a sustainable way. This book will not only give you tools to achieve your goals, but will teach you a philosophy on how to think about progressive calisthenics and how to make it work for you.
Can I get this book on Kindle or as a Hardcover?
At the moment we do not offer a Kindle version. You will get a PDF file and a poster in the PDF and JPG format. For videos you will get links.
What is your refund policy?

We offer a no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

Note that refunds requested within 5 hours of the purchase will be made invalid as a sign of potential fraud.