We are very excited to announce that we are growing and officially looking for a rock-star trainer to join our Online Calisthenics Academy Team!

  • Want to get paid for doing what you love and expand your movement career?
  • Be a part of an exciting project looking to make waves in the fitness industry?
  • Work from anywhere?
  • Have an opportunity to train athletes from all over the world, learn from the best and travel?
  • Build your authority as a trainer and athlete?
  • Use your expertise to create world class training programs?

Sounds awesome!? Then keep on reading…



We are looking for a part time/ full time/ freelance (we are flexible for the right person)

calisthenics/gymnastic trainers to join our team at Online Calisthenics Academy. 

(note if you don’t have strict calisthenics experience we still want to hear from you. Scroll down for other opportunities)


  • Get paid for what you love doing and make a career out of your passion
  • Support in your own development and growth including certifications etc
  • Opportunity to work on an exciting, world class project looking to make waves in the fitness industry
  • Have a say in strategy, program development and training philosophy as we are building the academy
  • Work from anywhere! We are a remote team working online so location doesn’t matter.
  • Potential to grow in other roles as we grow as a company, travel the world and become our ambassador wherever you are.
  • Get access to calisthenics gear from our partners, sponsors and companies we work with
  • In the future lead our physical locations, meetups and gatherings
  • Get your name and brand out there
  • Join a team of amazing athletes who, just like you are obsessed with movement and promoting it all over the word.


Who are we looking for?

  • You must have significant experience with calisthenics and be able to perform at least some advanced move
  • Additional experience from gymnastics, prakour, acro, tricking, yoga is a MASSIVE PLUS
  • You are familiar with progressions
  • You have experience teaching or training others
  • You are growth driven – committed to constantly improve,  learn more, advance your skills, connect with new people to learn from
  • You are passionate and live and breathe calisthenics or/and any other disciplines 
  • You are high energy and can motivate others
  • You are a native English speaker or fluent in English.  
  • You want to be at the forefront of growing calisthenics movement
  • You are self starter  and keen to learn about different aspects of fitness and business
  • You are comfortable doing videos, writing articles, coaching others, being on social media

We are a dynamic, fun team committed to bringing calisthenics and other movement disciplines to mainstream while transforming lifes of millions of people in a process.

Ideally you are fun to work with,  proactive and creative! 

You will become a part of the growing Calisthenics Academy Team and the Movement Athlete family.  That means that you will be taking part in strategy meeting, be involved and have a say in the future of everything we do. 



The position we are recruiting for right now include 3 main aspects:

  • Content Creation – Videos + Articles 
  • Student Support – answering questions, comments, motivating community for the community
  • Creating Workouts/ Curriculum Development – working together on an Academy and App curriculum development (we hope in the future that will include acrobatics, tricking, balancing etc)
  • Other Strategic Support – (physical location development etc)


If you are interested drop us an email at with this subject line

“Calisthenics Academy Trainer Application” 

telling us a bit about yourself and we will get back to you with the application



We are a team of athletes and trainers obsessed with movement, on the way to bring movement philosophy to the masses.

If you are reading it.. you are probably one of us.

We believe that a  major paradigm shift in a world of fitness and the philosophy behind it.

A shift from work to play, from sweat to skill development, from short term goals to getting on a lifelong journey of exploring our own bodies and what are they capable of.

We have seen it in various movement disciplines gaining momentum from callisthenics, parkour, gymnastics, tricking, acrobatics, yoga.  Among all of them there is one thing in common: working with your own bodyweight towards mastery and uncovering what your body is truly capable of.

We want to bring them all together, promote them, make them available to everyone on earth.

Our vision is simple.

To build tools – technology, platform, information, training programs, physical facilities to enable, empower and train a new wave of movement athletes – those who use their own body to push the impossible. 

We bring together world class trainers, athletes and movement visionaries who share that mission.

Read the movement manifesto to see what we believe in. 

Calisthenics Academy is only one of the programs we are working on and if you share our mission – please get in touch. Together we can achieve so much more.

Come and play with us!




Our main focus at the moment is the development of the technology which in a personalised way will set anyone on a journey of a lifetime to unleash their full physical potential.

Calisthenics and gymnastics unlike other training programs require development of the variety of aspects. If you are strong but you don’t have shoulder mobility you wont be able to do a human flag; you might have enough strength for a handstand but have no balance and technique to actually do a free hold.

We are working with world class gymnastic coaches, physios, calisthenics, acrobatics and yoga teachers to develop a a system of progressions which can take anyone from zero to an all round movement athlete while developing your body in all those aspects normal training programs miss.
The technology we are building asses the athletes on variety of measures for mobility, flexibility, skill and strength and creates a personalised training program just for them. Athletes go through specific progressions to unlock more and more advanced movements as well as strength, mobility and flexibility levels.

All that while learning new skills, developing all round mobility, flexibility, strength and skill and having fun with the community.

We are looking for someone who can help us finalise user flow for the first MVP WEB APP Launch. ad a part of Calisthenics Fundamentals Video Course. That includes assessment and workout tracking.

Experience in fitness apps development is a plus.

We are hoping to find someone who will be able to work with us long term as the platform grows and we introduce new features.




Are you a trainer or an athlete in any of the following: callisthenics, gymnastics, acrobatics, street workout, tricking, parkour, yoga?

Among many projects we are working on the technology bringing all those disciplines together in the form of smart progressive training program which can take someone from zero to advanced skills, a podcats to promote athletes and trainers like yourself and a physical location – a Playground Gym.

We are always looking for talented trainers to come on board, athletes to be featured and contributors who are looking for exposure to our community of over 20,000 people and growing

If any of these sounds interesting or if that is just a project you would like to get involved in simply get in touch and we can see how we can work together: