Adjusting Workouts based on your time/ day

When you go to your workout and you scroll all the way down. You will see a new button called Workout Settings (right next to Retake Assessment button)
Once you click on it this is what you will see.

The system gives you the ability to adjust time of your workouts. You can pick the days and choose a time you would like to workout for, from 30 to 90 minutes.

adjust 1

How are the workouts created?

Split and full body routines

In the past we had full and split body routines. Recently we deployed machine learning algorithms to create the most optimal workouts for you.

Here is how the routines are created: 

When creating your workout based on time we use 3 main elements to determine what goes into your workout. These are:

How long it takes to do each exercise
We are gathering data on how long it takes to physically perform each exercises and averaging it out .

Type of the exercise
We categorise all exercises from each progression under – core, arm, legs (we will add back when we implement back progression). When building your workout our algorithm makes sure that none of the exercises in the same category are next to each others – that enables us to create the most optimal routine for you and give you time to recover.

Additionally to categorising each exercises to make sure that its not together for optimal recovery we are also tracking what was the last exercise they did. Our system then rotates them so if they did a pistol it will run them through all the other exercises in a queue before it will hit pistol again.

Again optimising for effectiveness and recovery and so you don’t need to worry which exercise you should be doing when and why.


Your Dashboard Calendar

There is also a Dashboard Calendar/ It gives a simple overview of your workouts and enables you to quickly access the most important elements

calendar view