Join The Calisthenics Academy Power Users Family


We offer a possibility to get access to the platform for free through joining a community of power users. The power user are folks who are extremely determined to make progress with calisthenics and motivated to grow every single day. They want to make training their lifestyle and will not have any excuses. They track their progress, ask questions and help other users to do the same.

They are also working closely with us, giving feedback, ideas on improvements, asking questions and helping to us to motivate others and keep the community alive.

The power users get access for free to the program and support whenever they need – and all we ask in exchange is that they DOCUMENT their journey, TRACK their progress, SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY and SHARE that with us.


  • Post  weekly updates on your progress and share them with us


We know you are on your journey but we want to celebrate small successes and progress. We would ask you to post weekly updates on your progress on our FB group and Forum inside the academy. It could be a video, a picture, a celebration on something you made progress on.

It’s also helps to track your progress so we can see that you are actually improving

  • Help Other Users – with their questions and training

The journey it’s a lot about community and supporting each others. We want to keep our community well and alive as we are so much stronger together. As a power user we want you to be active, ask questions respond, like, welcome other people’s comments – just participate. But all the more help other users by answering questions, motivating them and sharing whatever they learnt already.


  • Share the knowledge and experience


Power users have in mind helping others folks in the community by sharing their knowledge. If they discover a new stretch, or a something which helped them or an article which is useful they share it with everyone. Sometimes they write quick articles on what they have learnt just like Johan did.  


  • Give us feedback & suggestions


We truly want to build this product with you guys and for you so from time to time we send out surveys, ask to jump on calls to show you new features or simply ask you to vote for something – it’s all to make sure that we are building the product that you will love and use

We are hoping that in the future that group will grow and we will be able to offer even more value.

Interested?  – Email us at


Note that this program is in its experimental beta and we will be improving it/ changing it based on the feedback